Our Passion


Always wanting to be a doctor and a surgeon fascinated by his father who was a legendary doctor in his ethics and skills in his early years, yet loving architecture, design, physics, art, also known to be good with his hands and having his own art gallery in the garage when he was 11. Dentistry was just defining Dr. Atalla adding to his love to people, socializing and meeting new patients everyday. Being a dentist and thinking of his office as an art gallery and performing surgeries in his personalized surgical suite, having a nice view while listening to his classical music. According to Dr. Atalla no career can make anyone happier.

Dr. Atalla started medical school when a few days later he realized that he had more passion in dentistry with its artistic and architectural side than what medicine alone can offer.

He was also a swim coach, sunday school teacher and a licensed life guard instructor during his education. His favorite sports are squash and swimming he loves to travel, socialize and experience new cultures, cuisines, history, art, literature and apologetics, he loves adventure.

Dr. Atalla lives with his two new little friends the sweetest blessings in his life his son and daughter, nothing makes him more joyful than their giggles.